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UMASS Amherst

graduation. 2023

year. Senior

In spring 2023 I will be graduating from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering while also being a member of the Commonwealth Honors College. Relevant engineering courses are listed below. In addition to my schoolwork, I am the president of the UMass NASA Lunabotics team and part of two research labs. I am currently conducting research in the DARoS Laboratory where I will be doing my independent study on ankle exoskeletons in the spring of 2022. At the HRSL Laboratory I am working towards creating an autonomous excavator for my honors thesis. During my free time, I participate in numerous intramural sports such as floor hockey, volleyball, and softball. 

Relevant Engineering Courses:

  • (499P)     - Honors Thesis (Spring 2023)

  • (MIE 497) - Mechatronics (Spring 2023)

  • (MIE 415) - Senior Capstone (Spring 2023)

  • (MIE 402) - ME Lab II (Spring 2023)

  • (499Y)     - Honors Thesis Proposal

  • (MIE 344) - Dynamic Systems

  • (CS 119)  - Introduction to Python

  • (MIE 375) - Manufacturing Processes

  • (ECE 361) - Intro to Electrical Engineering 

  • (MIE 351) - Writing in Engineering

  • (MIE 313) - Design of Mech. Components

  • (MIE 302) - ME Lab I

  • (MIE 340) - Fluid Dynamics 

  • (MIE 310) - Dynamics 

  • (MIE 230) - Thermodynamics

  • (MIE 211) - Strength of Materials

  • (MIE 210) - Statics

  • (MIE 201) - Intro to Material Science

  • (MIE 124) - Computational Approaches to Engineering - MATLAB

Saint John's High School

graduation. 2019

Saint John's High School in Shrewsbury MA was where I started my second robotics team. The school approved my proposal to start a team and every day for the three years I would work with teachers, administration, and nearby companies for funding and makerspace planning. During my time there we converted unused classrooms into a state-of-the-art makerspace where any Saint John's student can use this area as a part of the engineering class/club, or robotics team/club. Aside from finishing in the top 3 or winning the state championship and finishing 0.5% internationally, I also participated in the investment club and enjoyed attending sports events. Some honors I received are listed below.  

IMG_20190411_144213 (1).jpg

Commended by the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts for community outreach and excellence in STEM

​Headmaster's Citation for Exemplary Service, Vision, and Leadership

MIT Beaver Works Institute

graduation. 2018

"MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute is a rigorous, world-class STEM program for talented students who will be entering their senior year in high school. The four-week program teaches STEM skills through project-based workshop-style courses." I was selected as one of 200 international robotics students and I partook in the ‘Hack a 3D Printer’ course. This additive manufacturing course's goals were to show us how hardware and software can be modified for optimal performance. We had to build, program, debug, and hack a 3D printer.

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