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year. 2022

During the summer of 2022, I had an internship at a robotics startup in Cambridge MA. While there, I headed the implementation of an electrical enclosure system. This process had me spec, fabricate, test, create schematics, modify as devices were swapped, and purchase components necessary for the safety of users while also allowing for future customization. I aided in the design and assembly of a blower test rig for data collection. This entailed conducting pull-off tests and recording data by trying different piping and gripper configurations in a simulated environment to find components that can be improved for greater efficiency. Most days were spent interfacing and coordinating with senior mechanical engineers to build, troubleshoot, verify, and validate engineering prototypes against specifications and test plans for an autonomous collection system.

Columbia Tech

year. 2021

In the summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to co-op at Columbia Tech, a contract manufacturing company. I worked with senior mechanical engineers, providing critical modifications to client products and work instructions for an autonomous sorting conveyor system. My responsibilities included validating work instructions, assembling and manufacturing the subsystem, calibrating and resolving product sensors and reflectors, modifying motors, and wiring.  I relayed my findings through improved work instructions and engineering notebooks to provide the client with a complete understanding of where they can improve on the mechanical and financial perspective of their product for better efficiency and reliability.


Taranto Tech

year. 2015 - 2019

Founded company to troubleshoot and repair mobile phone screens. Grew business through word of mouth and social media. 

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